1982 - till now: Senior Consultant of World Bank, ADB, IFAD, UN, UNDP, UNDDSMS, US Aid (only for short-term assignments).
2000-2003 President of Dhaka University Alumni Association for two terms.
2000: Organized the first International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN) in Dhaka on 14-15 January as Chairman of the main sponsor POROSH and Chief Advisor of the Conference Organizing Committee.
1998: Organized the first Convention of Dhaka University alumni on 6 June as Convenor of the Organizing Committee.
1997 - 2002: Chairman of the environmental forum POROSH (Poribesh Rokka Shopoth - Environment Protection Pledge) established in 1997 and transformed into Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) in 2001.
1996 February -1997 July: Founding Chief Executive Officer of Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation. Pioneered the establishment of the first private sector housing finance institution in the country.
1989 April - 1989 December: Member of an Expert Group on Financing Arrangements of UNDP.
1984 March - 1985 December: Visiting Fellow, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, USA.
1982 March -1984 January: Finance and Planning Minister of Bangladesh.

Some special initiatives: Privatization of banking and jute and cotton industry. Budget grants for local government instituted. Decentralization of public accounting system. Establishment of Trade and Industrial Policy unit. Establishment of Water Master Plan Organization. Introduction of core budgeting in Annual Development Programme and screening of projects and programmes of public expenditure. Revision of the Second Five-Year Plan. Reform of excise and turnover tax system. Reform of agricultural credit policy. Introduction of a deposit pension scheme for individuals.

Was Chairman of ESCAP in 1983, Vice Chairman of World Bank in 1982, Vice Chairman of Islamic Development Bank in 1982, Chairman of UNCTAD Committee on Review of Third IDD Strategy in 1984 and Co-Chair of the Rome-based Steering Committee of Third World Forum, 1982-85. Made Honorary Life Fellow of Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP) 1983. Conferred Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary Club in Colombo 1983. Member, the first Board of Trustees of the National Museum of Bangladesh 1983-86.
1977 June – 1981 December: Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh.

Some noteworthy activities: (i) Deputy Leader of country delegation to the World Bank-chaired Bangladesh Aid Group 1977-81. (ii) Leader of country delegation and Rapporteur of the Main Committee in UNTCDC Conference 1978. (iii) Delegate to UN General Assembly 1978. (iv) Country representative, Governing Council of UNDP 1979-81. (v) Committee Chairman, ESCAP 1979 & 1981. (vi) Country representative, ECOSOC 1981. (vii) Committee Chairman, UNLDC Conference 1981. (viii) Member - Board of Directors, Bureau of Economic Research, Dhaka University 1980-82. (ix) Member, Asian Development Bank Panel on remuneration of Directors 1980-81. (x) Member, Board of Directors, Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) 1977-81. (xi) Member, Board of Directors: Ashuganj Fertilizer Factory 1978-81; Machine Tools Factory, 1980-81; General Electrical Manufacturing Plant 1980-81; Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory 1980-81. (xii) Member, Experts Group on Asia Pacific Development Centre 1980. (xiii) Member, Commonwealth Experts Group on Venture Capital 1980. Founder Vice Chair of Society for International Development Dhaka Chapter 1980-84.

1974 December - 1977 May: Executive Director for Bangladesh and India in Asian Development Bank, Manila.
Also (i) Member of Bangladesh delegation to the Islamic Foreign Ministers Meeting, Jeddah 1975 (ii) Member Bangladesh delegation to the inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors of the Islamic Development Bank, Ryadh, 1975 (iii) Alternate Temporary Governor to Bank Fund Annual meeting 1976.
1972 November- 1973 October: Alternate Executive Director for Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka in the World Bank, Washington, DC. Adviser and then Deputy in the Committee on Monetary Reforms(C XX), 1972-74.
1972 May -1974 November: Economic Minister, Bangladesh Embassy in USA, Washington, DC.

Some special responsibilities: (i) Head of Chancery of the embassy (ii) Delegate Plenipotentiary, Conference on Trade in Wildlife Species, Washington DC, 1973. (iii) Special Envoy to Abu Dhabi for negotiation of oil credit, 1974 (iv) Delegate to Ministerial Meeting of Organization of Islamic States, Kuala Lumpur, 1974. (v) Member, Preparatory Committee for Islamic Development Bank, 1974-75. (vi) Member, First Bangladesh Pakistan Talks, Dhaka, 1974. (vii) Founder President of Bangladesh Association of America, Washington DC 1972-73.

1972 June – 1972 August: Charge d’ Affairs a.i., Bangladesh Embassy in USA, Washington, DC.
1971 June - 1972 April: Counsellor, Bangladesh Mission in USA – Registered Foreign Agent for the Government in Exile. Washington DC. Member and Secretary of Bangladesh Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly 1971 (unofficial).
1969 August - 1971 June: Economic Counsellor, Pakistan Embassy in USA. Leader of Pakistan delegation to the Annual Meeting of International Cotton Advisory Committee 1970. Member and often Leader of Pakistan delegation to the INTELSAT conference 1969-1971.
1966 June - 1969 May: Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Government of Pakistan, Rawalpindi. Also General Secretary, Central Civil Service Association of Pakistan. Secretary of the Governors Conference Committee on Reorganization of Autonomous Bodies 1968. Awarded Tamgha-e Pakistan 1966 (gave up in 1971).
1964 November - 1966 June: Deputy Secretary and then Chief of Programming Section, Pakistan Planning Commission, Karachi.
Also Acting Chief of Health and Population Section. Acting Chief of Public Administration Section. Acting Chief of Social Welfare Section.
1962 May - 1963 August: Deputy Secretary Transport Department, Government of East Pakistan, Dhaka. Trained in the first course in Management Development Programme of NIPA Dhaka.
1961 September - 1962 May: Deputy Secretary to Governor of East Pakistan, Dhaka.
Also (i) Treasurer, 1961-62 and (ii) General Secretary, 1962-63, East Pakistan Sports Federation. (iii) Member, Executive Committee, Pakistan Olympic Association, 1961-63.
1960 July - 1961 August: Protocol Officer to the Government of East Pakistan, Dhaka.
Also (i) General Secretary, Pakistan Arts Council, Dhaka, 1960-61. (ii) Associate Member, Provincial Administrative Reorganization Implementation Subcommittee, Government of East Pakistan, 1960-61. (iii) Associate Member, District Administration Reorganization Implementation Subcommittee,
1960-61. (iv) Secretary, Cricket Committee, East Pakistan Sports Federation, 1960-61. (v) Organizing Secretary, East Pakistan UN Association, 1960-63.
1959 May – 1960 June: Subdivisional Officer, Bagerhat.
1958 November –1959 May: Assistant Magistrate, Faridpur. Undertook settlement training in Dinajpur and neighbouring districts.
1957 June – 1957 September: Assistant Magistrate on probation, Comilla.
1956 September – 1957 May: Civil Service of Pakistan probationer, Civil Service Academy, Lahore. Pakistan.
1955 December- 1956 September: Lecturer, Haraganga Degree College, Munshiganj.
1954/55: Vice President, S M Hall Students Union
1953-54: Captain, S M Hall Volleyball Club (also Volleyball Blue)
1952-53: Captain, S M Hall Tennis Club (also Tennis Blue)
1952-53: Joint Secretary, S M Hall Students Union
1950-51: Convenor, Sylhet Education Committee
1949-50: Assistant Secretary Central Muslim Sahitya Sangsad Sylhet

মুহিতের জীবন বৃত্তান্ত

বহুমুখী প্রতিভার অধিকারী দেশের কৃতী সন্তান এ এম এ মুহিত দেশের প্রয়োজনে তাঁর কর্মকৌশল, মেধা, সততা, দক্ষতা ও সেবা দেখিয়ে সারা পৃথিবীতে বাংলাদেশের গৌরব বৃদ্ধি করছেন। সিলেটের এ সুসন্তান দেশের মানুষের জন্য গণতন্ত্র রক্ষার সংগ্রামকে এগিয়ে নিয়ে গেছেন, দেশের স্বাধীনতা সংগ্রামে আত্মনিয়োগ করেছেন


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